About This Blog

I started this blog to share the experiences and adventures my husband and I have.  It’s a way, for me, to save all the special bits (and maybe not so interesting pieces) of my life in one place.  

I have a love for nature, science, and learning.  I am passionate about the environment.  My husband and I try to spend as much time outdoors as we can.  If you are environmentalists like us, then make sure you subscribe and follow my blog!  

Also, please leave comments on my posts.  I would love to hear from you!


About the Author

Caitlyn MorinVenturesCaitlyn Morin

Occupation: Director of Marketing & Media Relations

Hobbies: Running, Rock Climbing, Rugby, Reading, Yoga, Hiking, Camping, Knitting, Sewing, Learning New Languages, & Spending Quality Time with My Husband

Likes: Sherlock Holmes, Tolkien, Second Breakfast, Tea Time, Dystopian Novels, & Wine

Personal Note: Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors.  It gives me peace of mind, and I enjoy the disconnect from society.  My husband and I love to do multiple day hiking trips, but we will do day trips whenever and wherever we can.  We have recently taken up rock climbing.  I enjoy challenging myself, and my husband and I are always trying to find new ways to better ourselves.

My husband and I dream of one day owning our own homestead. We are now living in Louisiana and have started a small garden in our yard.  We are slowly building our knowledge of agriculture.  I will be sure to share our progress!