Winter Garden

Casey & I have been settling in nicely in our new home, here in Louisiana.  We are very excited about the yard space we have because that means we can finally build our garden!

We used spare wood we found in our shed to construct two container gardens.  We were unsure of how the soil would be so we thought that using container gardens would be a good idea to help ensure our plants had the right nutrients.  We bought some new soil to fill the containers.  Before we filled them we dug and loosed the soil and then mixed the new soil with the dirt in our yard as we filled it.

Before we started our garden, we placed cardboard over the area we were going to plant.  This helped soften the soil.

We wanted to test out skills first, so we only used the smaller container for our winter garden.  We were also running a little behind schedule, so we didn’t have time to germinate the seeds.  We planted them and just hoped we would see some sprouts.  We planted garlic, onion, kale, brussel sprouts, spinach, carrots, and broccoli.


We honestly didn’t think that we would have much of anything. Soon after we planted a critter came and dug a few holes in our container.  Despite the odds we had at least one kale, one brussel sprout, and two broccoli pop up, as well as 12 garlic that first sprouted in December.

It’s now June and we just harvested our garlic. We had 20 garlic plants to harvest!  We also were able to harvest some broccoli, kale, and spinach during the spring.  Casey and I are quickly learning and improving our gardening skills.  Keep an eye out for our next post about our summer garden!

Harvesting Garlic


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