How to Be An Entomologists Assistant

If you open the door to my freezer, you may be shocked to find it mostly filled with containers and jars full of insects of all sizes.  My husband, Casey, is an entomologist.  His career path is the reason we live in Louisiana, where the bugs grow big and congregate in large numbers.

Dog Excursion to Kiroli Park

My husband and I love spending time outdoors, and we enjoy being able to bring our dogs along with us.  We have two rescue dogs: Yavanna a 13 lb terrier mix, and Brutus a 10 month 70 lb lab mix.  In Oregon there were plenty of dog friendly trails and parks; however, it's been hard... Continue Reading →

2017 Summer Garden

Casey and I are having fun with our garden!  We planted seeds for our summer garden in March and April. We learned a lot this summer to improve future crops.

June is National Pollinator Month!

You may have heard in news reports over the last few years that pollinator populations have been decreasing due to habitat loss and chemical usage. Fear not, because there are simple things you can do to help the pollinators.

Winter Garden

Casey & I have been settling in nicely in our new home, here in Louisiana.  We are very excited about the yard space we have because that means we can finally build our garden! We used spare wood we found in our shed to construct two container gardens.  We were unsure of how the soil... Continue Reading →

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