New Zealand

I had a dream to live outside the United States of America, in another country. I thought this would give me a better world view and understanding. As well, a whole new place to explore, with new creatures and foreign landscapes!

My husband shared this dream, and once he finished with Grad School we began looking at what was next for us. It was perfect timing to try something new! New Zealand had just the right offering for us at that time in our life. We applied and received the Working Holiday Visa and happily spent a year living, working, and exploring the wonderful country.

I filled and entire Bullet Journal with memories and notes, and am working on transferring those in a digital format for others to enjoy reading.

We traveled both the North and South Islands of New Zealand. We met interesting people. We learned a lot, and have memories that are precious. I do not think I will ever be able to cover all that I experienced in this blog, but I hope to give you a glimpse and inspire you to take your own adventures!

Enjoy a few highlighted posts from our travels, or check out the category page for New Zealand to find a list of all blog posts written so far about our travel adventures.

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