Hiking the Lost Valley Trail

While canoeing on the Buffalo River we met a couple who told us about a trail they had hiked.  They said it had a few caves and a waterfall, and that a secret cave was hidden behind a waterfall.

Camping in the Ozarks

Since moving to Louisiana Casey & I have not been hiking much.  We decided we needed to make time for outdoor activities and with the Holiday coming up we figured we could plan a mini adventure.

Damnation Creek Trail at the Redwood State Park

Our family came to visit us from Illinois.  During their visit we drove down to Northern California to camp in the redwoods.  The Damnation Creek Trail was recommended by the Park Ranger at our campsite.  It is a longer, more strenuous hike, that leads to a rocky beach.  We were promised that this beach was... Continue Reading →

Trail Hunting for Old Baldy – Oregon

Being new to Oregon means unfamiliar trails and parks.  Casey and I want to explore different parts of Oregon.  So, we bought a book to help us find trails.  It has information that says how many miles a trail is, what to expect on the trail, and even directions to find the trailhead. For the weekend we decided that we... Continue Reading →

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