2017 Summer Garden

Casey and I are having fun with our garden!  We planted seeds for our summer garden in March and April.  We didn’t germinate the seeds indoors this summer, we put them straight into the ground.

We planted yukon gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, green beans, lime basil, chamomile, carrots, green zebra tomatoes, and some peppers.  However, sadly the peppers never sprouted.

Summer Garden in Louisiana
A few weeks after planting everything.
Blossom of Green Beans
Blossom of Green Bean.

It didn’t take too long to yield green beans.  And into July we still were producing.  Unfortunately, we had a swarm of large black grasshoppers eat all of the plant leaves.  They completely destroyed our green bean crop.  Next year we are going to have to be better prepared to keep them away.

Green Bean Harvest

Lime Basil Herb
Lime Basil Herbs.

The lime basil is doing really well.  I have continued to remove the flowers on top, to ensure the plants continue to grow.  They smell wonderful!  I plan on drying the herbs to save for later use.

Green Zebra Tomatoes

The tomatoes yielded nicely.  My husband had read that tomato plants could learn to support themselves if you did not provide any support.  However, this did not seem to be the case for our tomato plants.  Next year I would definitely place cages around the plants for additional support.  Plus, the tomatoes laying on the ground caused some to go bad before they were ready to be picked.

Zebra Tomatoes

Near the end of July, my husband dug up the Yukon potatoes.  They were small, but we enjoyed eating them!

The carrots grew, but not very large.  I believe that the soil was too compact for the carrots to grow.  I have an large, old tire that I am going to use as a planter.  I think if I fill it with some sand and soil that it will be better soil for growing potatoes and carrots.

We are still waiting on the sweet potatoes.  Our plan is to harvest them during the beginning of fall, to ensure they grow large enough.

Food seems more satisfying when we have put the work in to grow it ourselves.  Have any gardening advice?  Any mistakes made that provided a good lesson?  Leave a comment below to share your experiences!

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